Friday, August 20, 2010

Theoden's Host

I have started planning for my army for the Gathering in the Desert 2011 and I have decided to pull out my first LOTR army - Rohan. I painted this army several years ago and recently realized I have never photographed them. So here they are. This is about a 500 point force and my 600 point GitD army will be slightly different. I am not sure exactly how different yet.

I will be adding a few new models soon. One of the huge weaknesses I had playing this army was the lack of dismounts. This meant that once the horse was killed the whole model was gone. In a tournament this will not do so I need to paint a bunch of foot.

I always loved playing this army and I am getting excited about getting it back out. Some people will say that this is a bad choice for a tournament army. It is just not competitive. I have been running some tougher evil armies but I have not won with those either. Turns out I am not such a good player so I might as well play an army that is fun.

I will post some updates as this project progresses.


Unknown said...

Ya, I am not too good so I think this year I'll take the fellowship of the ring. At least they'll look cool going down in flames.

Mike G. said...

I need to decide if I am going to play. Nice to see you bust out the Rohan again, Rob.

Jerry said...

Nice work, Rob. I've got to start planning my own list as well. I agree that rather than go "competitive" just go with what you like.