Thursday, September 23, 2010

Return of Saruman

Last weekend I traveled to Parker, CO for the Mayhem in the Mountains independent grand tournament for the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game. Part of the event was a painting competition. I decided to dig out my unfinished Saruman model that I featured on the blog about three years ago. I cleaned it up and touched it up. It needed some highlights and the basing finished. I was pretty happy with how it looked heading to the event. Upon arrival I noticed a flaw and I knew it would cost me the win. There was no time to fix it so I would have to take my chances. Below is a picture of how the figure looked for the judging.

Sure enough I took second place out of six entries. I am happy but I am sure the flaw was the deciding factor. Can you see it? Once I got home i had a chance to look more closely and address the issue. It turns out the fix was so simple I am kicking myself for not taking a moment before the event to fix it. The picture below is after I fixed the flaw.

It turned out to be a small speck of sand or something that had been glued to he figure by some paint. Literally 5 seconds and a sharp knife and it was done.

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Dr. Willett's Workshop said...

I hate when this happens noticing a tiny problem after the whole thing is finished. What I do now is that I decided to spend more time observing and cleaning the miniature before doing any paint work. I even use a magnifier lamp to be sure. I also paint the base and the mini apart from each other.