Friday, November 26, 2010

More Orky Goodness

I have been painting lots of 40K Orks lately. I just finished another 35 models for the army. First up are 5 more Nobz for the Warboss's bodyguard. These are all AOBR Nobz.

Here we have a couple of weapons Orks. These guys will see time as Meks in my Loota units.

I have painted up 6 more 'Ard Boyz to bring the unit total up to 20 Boyz. The Rokkit Launcha adds a bit of punch.

ANd finally we have 2 elven Ork Boyz Mobs. Each has a Nob and a Big Shoota. These are all AOBR figures.

I still have lots of stuff to do for this army. The Deff Dred is very nearly done. After that I have a couple of Battle Wagons and a bunch of Koptas to do.


Clive said...

They look absolutely awesome!!

Paul´s Bods said...

I agree with Clive,,a well àrd looking bunch :-)

Unknown said...

Very cool stuff :)

Tim Kulinski said...


Those look good, I am sure my SoB will not like seeing all of those boys!

By the way, I painted up 4 of the Orks I got from you to match the Evil Sunz that were painted. Soon my Kill team will be ready to go!

ergotoxin said...

Love that tau helmet on the spear.