Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Tale of Four Lord of the Rings Gamers

My friend Tim has conned a few of us to join in a LOTR army building challenge based on the White Dwarf article from many years ago. Basically, we are building 700 point LOTR armies in 175 point increments. There will be some kind of scoring and maybe some one will get some food and beer. I am a little fuzzy on the whole thing but I decided to jump in anyway. If you are really interested in all the rules check out Tim's original post on his blog. Now I should have done my introduction last week I guess, so I am hoping I don't loose points for that.

Anywho, the army I will be building is a 700 point Durin's Folk army. This is a generic Dwarf army that will have lots of models - 59 to be exact. The first 175 points (actually 169) consists of the following:

Dwarf Captain with shield and throwing axes

7 Dwarf warriors with shields

4 Dwarf warriors with bow

Twelve models - not bad. I have until June 1 to paint these models. Ordinarily, that would not be an issue but I have a problem. Technically, this army does not belong to me yet. You see, I got this in trade for painting Tom's FoW late war Germans...which I have not yet finished. This means that I cannot start on this project (in good faith) until I finish the FoW project. This is a problem.

The answer is simple, I just need to finish Tom's army. OK, easy. This means that I may be a couple weeks behind the other guys but I will not fail. Stay tuned...


CounterFett said...

Good luck!

Jerry said...

Hey man, where's the update? Let's see these guys painted! Also Joel is a big fat spammer. Put his note into Google and see. (I got the same note, too.)