Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Never Ending Catachan Pile

Time for a break from painting Flames of War. I jumped back into my Catachan IG project with some much needed command elements. First are a couple of Commissars. In the old days Catachans used to shoot these guys but I guess now they are OK with them.

Here we have Col. 'Iron Hand' Straken. This is a pretty cool old model and I actually have two of these. I painted one a long time ago to use as a Necromunda character.

These are a bunch of Catachan officer types. These can be army commanders, platoon commanders or even vet sergeants.

Last we have an assortment of old metal Catachans. I am not sure but I think I now have all the original metal models. I need to check one of the collector sites and see what I might be missing.

As if I did not already have enough of these collected, this week I acquired more stuff from a local gamer. With all the painting I have been doing on this army I still have more unpainted than painted. The pile is growing...


Jerry said...

These look great. Just keep going and the bottom of the pile is somewhere down there!

Kenzie said...

i really like your commissars, i used to play catachans when they had there own add-on codex, great fun, with all the board Jungle.