Friday, December 16, 2011

More 28mm British Paras

Last weekend me and the guys got together to play some 28mm WW2. We were trying out our Legends of the Old West adaptation that Tim and I experimented with last year. Just the thought of playing some 28mm WW2 was enough to inspire me to do some painting. My British Paras had not gotten any love for nearly four years even though I had made several purchases. So I decided it was time to expand this force a bit.

This installment has 16 figures that are mostly Crusader with a few Foundry leftovers. My previous batch of paras used a painting guide I found online. This time I used the painting guide from the Flames of War D Minus 1 book. I like hoe these turned out but they are different from the other figures.

Here you can see the three different painting styles side by side. The figure to the left was painted by a friend years ago and is the starting point for my collection. The figure to the right I painted about 4 years ago. The one in the middle is the new one.

In the back view the difference in the Dennison smocks is more noticeable. Even though these are fairly different paint styles and colors there is enough in common that they look good all mixed together in the same army.

I have a few weapons team left to paint for this army. I am also planning one last Crusader USA order to flesh out a couple more squads.


Jerry said...

Nice job, Rob! Glad to see that you have renewed inspiration for 28mm WW2. I think with a little work the LotR adaptation is going to be perfect for these games.

Robert said...

Thanks Jerry! No worries 28mm WW2 never goes away. It is my main gaming focus it looked at in the long term. I am liking the LOTR idea so far but it has a major weakness - too small. You can do a platoon to a side and that is about it. I may need to dust off my rules and take another look...