Tuesday, March 6, 2012

True North Hurricane MkI 1/144

I finally finished the first of the True North 1/144 scale Hawker Hurricane Mk I's that I bought to support my British 8th Army. The lists all call for Hurricane II's but I don't think anyone can tell the difference. This is a nice representation for air support in FoW so no need to get all version crazy.

Since Flames of War 3rd edition no longer requires having three aircraft models I worked out a trade for this plane. It went to my friend Tom to support his British North Africa forces and I got one of his extra Shturmoviks for my planned Soviet army.

I still have two more of these models to finish. I will keep one and the other I will try and trade for something useful. Not sure what I will need.

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Scottswargaming said...

Nice plane. I must admit since V3 came out theres been much plane swapping going on in our playing group!