Saturday, May 26, 2012

Imperial Guard Air-Cav

Ever since the release of the current IG codex I have dreamed of doing an Air-Cav list.  The idea of a bunch of Valkyries swooping over the battlefield and dropping troops straight into the battle really appeals to me.  I never really gave it much serious thought, however.  I mean, I am not that big of a 40K nut to drop $300+ just on transports for my army.

When I started to seriously work on my Catachan army a couple of years ago I got a really good deal on an assembled and painted Valkyrie.  I was really excited to add it to the collection and I figured it would be fun to use from time to time.  Today I completed another deal to add four more painted and assembled Valkyries to the army.  I now have five and I really can do a mostly air-mobile force.  Things just got interesting.

I have never paid attention to the web lists and the hardcore tournament scene so I am not sure what the killer build is for this kind of an army (and I don't really care).  I have seen some pictures of Valkyrie heavy forces but I am not real sure what units people take or even if the idea really works.  I think it will work but I don't see it being as tough as a standard Chimera heavy list.  Now that I think about it I probably will never play the list even after I build the army.  I just don't get in too many 40K games any more.

As for the models, they are all good builds and in great shape.  When I had only one Valkyrie I was not too concerned with the paint job.  It looked good.  Now I have 5 models and two completely different looks so something will have to change.  I will probably be spraying these with some Krylon Camo Green and picking out a few details.  The cockpits all look pretty good so I might be taping these off, otherwise I will just paint the glass blue and be done with it.

Anyway, keep an eye out for these.  I am not sure when I will repaint them but I would like to do it soon, before the new wares off.


Karitas said...

If it's not for tournament play I would use the IA Elysians army list.

It allows you to use vales as dedicated transports and make a true air cave list.

Scottswargaming said...

Impressive looking squadron.

Robert said...

@Karitas - My usual opponent is a tournament player so I tend to build tournament lists just to try and give him a run for his money. I rarely take anything as tough as this so it will be a nice change. I might try the Elysian list for fun sometime.

@Scott - Thanks!