Wednesday, March 20, 2013

El Guettar Turns 5 and 6

Even with their win in game 4 the Germans were unable to stop the Americans from capturing Thelepte.  If they are to have any hope of stopping the Americans the Germans need to string together some big wins.

In game 5 the Germans would return with the Panzer Grenadiers, this time with no armor support.  They did have two full grenadier platoons with lots of half-tracks. They also had lots of AT support and air support.  The American would defend with a large infantry company with tanks, TDs and air in support.  The scenario was Pincer.

The Americans deployed one infantry platoon covering a small village on the center of table and covering the near objective.  Covering the far objective, behind the village, was a battery of 105s.  The Shermans were held in ambush.  The Germans deployed a pz grenadier platoon on either flank with the HMG platoon combat attached to each.  The 88s covered the center of the battlefield and the pak38 were on the German right.

The Germans pressed their attack on the left flank.  This triggered the Sherman ambush but they only managed to knockout one half-track.  The 88s then killed a couple of Shermans.  The remaining Sherman passed morale and stayed in the fight.  The German attack on the left slowly ran out of steam as the grenadiers made it into the village.  At this point the Germans shifted their attack to their right flank and pressed hard on the near objective.

Several turns without reinforcements spelled doom for the Americans.  When they did arrive they were fed piecemeal into the battle and destroyed.  Poor choices on what units to bring on made matters worse.  In the end the Germans win 6-1.  Things are now starting to look grim for the Americans

For game six the Americans needed to regain the initiative.  I brought a Tank Company hoping to see lots of half-tracks on the other side.  Tim was too sly for that and brought a Panzer Company.  The battle would be Hasty Attack with the Germans defending.  The Americans needed at least a 5-2 victory to keep the timetable in tact.

The Germans would start the battle with two panzer platoons on the table along with the CO.  The American would start with a battery of T19, the M10 security section and the company command sections.  Seeing the weakness of the initial American deployment the Germans decided to go on the attack in the center.  With only the CO and the 2iC covering the US objective this looked like a sound move.  The only hope for the Americans was to get to shooting fast.  The TD section moved up quickly on a village on the US right and deployed.  The quickly knocked out the Panzer CO and one tank from the German's center platoon.  Some goos shooting from the T19 would also score a kill on the center platoon.

The Germans would not be chased off so easily and continued their attack.  They moved into point blank range on the US command tanks but failed to effect.  Timely arrival of the first of the US reinforcements would save the center for the American with the panzer platoon being wiped out.  On the US right the battle continued with the M10s being destroyed but not before getting a couple more panzers.

This battle would again come down to reinforcements.  This time it was the Germans that had trouble getting them on while the US managed to get everything on the table.  The battle would end with the German company breaking.  American win 5-2!

So far the American offensive is on schedule but the cost has been very high.  Her is the scoring so far:

Victory Points
US - 24
Germans - 18

US - 102
Germans - 60

Vehicles lost
US - 36
Germans - 25

Guns lost
US - 2
Germans - 6

With the half way point in the campaign reached it is time for a little break.  Home improvement projects and a case of the flu is cutting into game time.  It might also be time to switch games for a little bit.

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