Friday, June 14, 2013

City Ruins Find a New Home

 After several years of sitting on a shelf in my garage my large city ruins collection has found a new home.  These ruins were built over the span of about 10 years by me and my friends Tim and Neil.  Neil actually built the first pieces many years ago and after much wheeling and dealing, and several owners, I acquired them.  Tim and I then set out to do an entire table with these style buildings.  We kind of went overboard and a couple years ago I threw away a bunch of unfinished pieces.

These are all made of wood and are very sturdy.  At the time my friends and I were playing lots of 40K and this stuff was made to be generic sci-fi ruins.  I have used these for 28mm WW2 and they was cool.  I also used these the one and only time I played Inquisitor in 28mm.

Anyway, these now belong to my local shop, Imperial Outpost Games.  Like most shops the need for lots of terrain for event and open gaming is never ending so they jumped at the chance to add these to the shop collection.  Below are a few pictures of the building, most for my own reference.  I never properly documented this stuff.

Here are a few battle reports that I have done over the years that feature these buildings.  If you have been following for a while you might remember these.

The nice thing is that if I want to use these for a game I know right where they are.


Scottswargaming said...

Always great to see cool terrain embellishing a battlefield.

Tom O said...

I'm glad that they found a good home Robert...nice stuff!

Phil said...

Very nice ruined building.