Wednesday, October 30, 2013

French Fusiliers Portes Platoon with Laffly S20TL Trucks

My 1940 French Escadron de Combat continues to grow.  This installment is for the Fusiliers Portes platoon.  These guys are similar to German Panzer Grenadiers.  Each team is an MG team which give them amazing firepower for their size.

These guys ride into battle on Laffly S20TL trucks.  These are very cool looking models that help give the French army a unique look.  I really like the fact they when mounted these trucks count as having 2 AA MGs.  I have a feeling this might come in handy.

This unit has already seen a couple of battles and did well both games.  In the first game they fought dismounted and proved to be a very tough unit once dug in.  The ended up fighting a few close combats with some panzers and were ultimately destroyed, but no without taking out a platoon of tanks.  In the second game they never dismounted.  They supported an attack by tanks and armored cars.  Having them in close support forced my opponent to make hard choices - kill the dangerous stuff or go for the easy VP and shoot the trucks.


Phil said...

Great looking vehicles, very nice paintjob!

Syl said...

Very good!
"Ils n'auront pas l'Alsace et la Lorraine..." :-(