Monday, November 11, 2013

Falling Off The (Battle)Wagon

I know it was just a couple of weeks ago I was talking about how great my gaming life has been without working on or purchasing any Games Workshop stuff.  All of that is still true...really it is.  I just needed to work on something a little different after cranking out my Flames of War French.

I actually acquired this Battlewagon about three years ago as part of a big collection I purchased from a local gamer.  The base color was already applied.  In fact, the picture about and the next few are how the model looked when I got it. 

Since I was planning to do Death Skulls and not Bad Moons I did not want or need a yellow Battlewagon.  But my friend, Tim was planning an Ork army and he wanted to do Bad Moons so I gave it to him along with some other items.

Tim promptly did nothing with it and it sat in his collection until a few months ago. He decided to get out of 40K completely and the Ork project had to go.  He gave this model back to me as it was the only thing I really wanted from the collection.

I was so excited to get this model back I set it on the workbench in the garage and did nothing with it.  You know, cause I am over all the GW stuff.  After months of collecting dust and calling my name every time I walked through the garage I had to finish it.

The base yellow color was really well done and I did not want to start over.  So I kept the yellow and just filled in the missing details.

Of course, the yellow was way too clean so I was going to need to orkie it up a bit so that it will match the grime of the rest of the army.

 I figure it was looted from another clan and the boss decided to keep the yellow as a kind of trophy.  An in your face kind of statement.  I did use blue as the accent color to help tie it in with the army as a whole.

In the end I am very happy with the results.  Sitting next to my other Battlewagon they look as if they belong together.  It was a fun little change of pace and just enough to get it out of my system for a while.  I am not sure when, or if, it will see the table.


Jerry said...

It looks great! Even getting out of 40K it's still not a bad thing to finish up the collection that you do have. Invest I'll got Tau to finish, butprobablywont play them any time soon. Half the fun is paintingthemodels anyway.

Scottswargaming said...

Nice job Robert.
Always good to finish those half done projects in the lead pile, whether they see table action or not.