Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dark Angels For Sale

Here are the details of my Dark Angels army that I am selling at Imperial Outpost Games gamer's garage sale on 8/9.  This collection includes 73 miniatures and goes back to the late 90's when I first got into 40K. 

Here is what is included:

HQ -
Tech Marine
2 robed marines

Troops -

Three 10 man squads with Plasma Cannon and Plasma gun
5 man Scout squad with CCW
5 man Scout squad with 2 shotguns, 2 snipers and a heavy bolter

Fast Attack -

6 man Assault squad with jump packs
6 man Assault squad with CCW

Heavy Support -

5 man Devastator squad with Lascannons
5 man Devastator squad with Missile Launchers

Extras -

2 Sargents with Power Fists
2 Meltaguns

I am looking for $350 for this collection.  I am pretty sure you could not buy this new for that price.  And you certainly can't get a few of these models any more.  There are only a few figures that need some details finished.  I had started to rebase several years ago so the basing is not consistent.  For the most part if the edges were all black they would look fine.

I have no idea how this points out with the new codex but I am sure it is very useable with only minor adjustments.

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