Saturday, September 20, 2014

Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun

I picked up this model off eBay a while back.  I have been looking for the metal one for a good price for a long time.  Even though this model was already painted, poorly, I went ahead and bid and much to my surprise I won!  The price was great but when it arrived I was shocked and angry.  Turns out it is Finecast and I had just assumed it was metal (always read those eBay listings carefully).  I had sworn to myself that I would NEVER waste my time on a Finecast piece of crap.

When I gave the model a careful examination I was surprised to see very few flaws (though there was one and if you look carefully at the first picture you might be able to see it).  The paint was terrible and being Finecast I was not sure if I should try and strip it or just paint over it. My courage failed me and I decided to paint over and maybe even salvage some of the original paint job.  Turns out I repainted about 95% of the model.

This model has so many fine details it can be tough at times to determine exactly what you are looking at.  This can lead to repainting certain features as you get a better understand of the model.  I painted this guy with a shirt but as the project progressed I realized that he might not be wearing one.  In the end I left it as I think it works either way.

I really like this model but I do wish it was the metal version.  This turned out nice but not good enough to get me to change my mind about Finecast.  I think this is a better looking model than the new plastic version.  The new one looks like Max Headroom to me.  Way too blocky on the facial features.

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