Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Perry 8th Army Platoon Command and Weapon Teams

I have finished the first batch of figures for my Bolt Action North Africa project.  All of these figures are from the Perry Miniatures plastic 8th Army set.  The figures are great but they are much slimmer than most other 28mm figures.  To me this means they will not work on the table with anything but Perry miniatures.  In fact, the size difference is so great that I almost didn't paint these.

This is the Boys Anti-tank Rifle team.  A must for early desert battles.

This is the platoon Lieutenant and the platoon runner.  This is the command team for the army.

This is the platoon Sergeant and radio operator.  This team will be the artillery FO.

This is the 2in mortar team.  I don't really like how BA handles mortars for army construction.  This little mortar was in every platoon but if you want to take a 3in you can't take this one.  I guess they trade them in or something.
These are really great miniatures.  They are a little fiddly to assemble but not bad.  I still have three squads to finish so stay tuned for more Perry action.

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