Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Great War Germans for Flames of War, Part 1

One of the gaming goals for this year is to get Flames of War Great War on the table.  Last year I picked up the Blitz's Battlegroup box set.  This is a really great deal and is a very solid core of an army for about $100 (cheaper online in places).

To start off the project I have painted the HQ and all the options.  From a points perspective this represents about 510 points!  Needless to say I doubt this stuff will all make it on to the table at the same time.

All the teams for all the HQ options.  There are 33 figures just for the HQ.

Three anti-tank rifle teams.  I can see these being in lists with defense as the focus.

The CO and the 2CI.  These are built as SMG teams but I will use them as pistol teams as needed.

Three flame-thrower teams for clearing out enemy trenches.  Very handy for attacks.

Two grenatenwerfer teams.  These should be useful for either attacking or defending.  These will likely be a must have for any list.

One sniper team.  Snipers in FoW are always tricky.  I think in the Great War these will be much more useful as the armies are infantry.  They will take some trial and error...

I painted these a little different than most painting guides would have you do it.  I used Field Grey for the trousers and the puttees.  For the tunics I mixed Field Grey and German Uniform (Vallejo 920) for a more green color.  I think they look good but I will probably mix this up more for the rest of the army.  i will do some all in Field Grey and others all in the mixed color as well as this style.  German uniforms in the Great War had just as much color variation as they did in WW2.


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