Sunday, March 22, 2015

SAGA Viking 8 Point Army

The completed 8 point army.

When I got back into SAGA late last year (or rather go into it in the first place) I, obviously, needed some miniatures.  Initially, I just used what I had available, which was quite a bit actually.  The core of my Viking army was some Danes I had painted for a WAB Rus project several years ago.  These are really great figures that had otherwise never been used.  Late last year I also painted some new figures for SAGA - Thralls and Berzerkers.  My latest effort, which brings me to completion for this project, is the rebasing of my Danes, the creation of a cool Warlord and painting up a couple of units of Bondi.  This gives me 8 points so I should be able to create just about any Viking army I would like for SAGA.

The Warlord with his horn-blower and trusty standard barer.

These are Gripping Beast metal figures that I based on a 50mm round wood base.  The banner is reworked from one I downloaded from An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields site.

One point of Gripping Beast Hirdmen.  These have been rebased onto rounds.

The second point of Gripping Beast Hirdmen.  Several of these were equipped with spears and I change that to hand weapons.  It just looks more heroic.

The third point of Hirdmen.  Also Gripping Beast metals as are the others.

The fourth and final point of Gripping Beast Hirdmen.  Sixteen of these should be plenty for just about any army build.

A single point  of Gripping Beast metal Berzerkers.  One point is all you are allowed and these will likely be in most all armies I play.  They are just too much fun!

One point of Gripping Beast plastic Bondi.  These are from the Dark Age warriors box and I must say I am a little disappointed.  They are fine figures and a great deal I was just hoping for something more.

The second point of Bondi.  These are the Viking Bondi figures from Wargames Factory.  I really like these a lot.  They are a very dynamic and characterful bunch of figures.

Twelve thralls with bows.  In reality these would have probably just be Bondi with bows but you don't get that option in SAGA.  These are Wargames Factory figures and are a mix of parts from the Viking Bondi and Saxon Fyrd sets.


Unknown said...

Great figures and paint job.

Unknown said...


Jerry said...

These look great Rob! I keep saying I'm going to re-do Vikings for Saga but never get around to it. I have my old WAB army, but I'd like to paint new models. This is a little bit of inspiration to start the project.

Paul W said...

Excellent looking warband. Great to see hand-painted shields!

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments!

@Jerry - You need to jump in! There are some really cool things in plastic that make this a quick and cheap project.

Tom O said...

Great looking force Robert! Hope to get this game back on the table soon!

Hobbyworker said...

Great looking viking force.