Sunday, June 28, 2015

28mm Desert Trenches

Early next year my local game group is hosing a large Bolt Action event.  This is a themed event based on the North Africa campaign of late 1942 to mid 1943.  I have committed to doing one table of terrain for the event this is the first part of that project.

I have had these trenches in my collection for several years.  I purchased them from my friend Tom who had had them painted by my friend Tim.  The original paint scheme was much darker and more of a European terrain feel.  For the desert this would not work so a repaint was in order.

The original casting had lots of divots and craters in them that never really looked right to me so I took the opportunity to fill most of them in.

My collection includes several different shapes of trenches as well as gun pits and emplacements.

In all the collection will do about 3 feet of trenches which is pretty good as the typical table is 6'x4'.  I had thought these were manufactured by Ainsty Castings but after reviewing their web site I am not longer sure.  Perhaps they are out of production.

Also part of this collection is a large sandbag bunker.

This is a very large peice but I am not sure if it is technically part of the trench system though it works well with it.

The top lifts off allowing access to the interior.  It is large enough inside for a gun team as long as the base is not too big.

I have only used this set once or twice in all the years I have had it but I suspect I will find it more useful in the desert colors.  This scheme also matches my 40K Ork basing.

Stay tuned for more on this project.

UPDATE:  These are made by Armorcast and can be found at


Phil said...

Looks good, very good!

CelticCurmudgeon said...

I believe the trench system and bunker are from Armorcast. Just bought some and checked the page...sure looks like them.
Nice repaint job. Now you'er got me thinking.

Robert said...

Thanks! You are correct these are the Armorcast trenches. It has been so long since I thought about that company I forgot they existed.