Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Frostgrave Wizard and Apprentice Assembled

I am pretty interested in the Frostgrave game.  I was not interested enough to do any of the pre-order stuff but I will pick-up the rules from Amazon when they come out in a couple weeks.  The game is centered around a wizard and his apprentice and a small war band.  I have no idea yet what I want to play but I am thinking of a summoner.  Kind of a religious zealot summoning demons and such.

These are made from the Games Workshop Warhammer Empire Wizards plastic kits.  I am not sure if these are still available but pretty useful.

The Wizard and his apprentice.

 Not much to say about this right now.  Much more to come once I see the rules and get a better feel from what I am doing.


Unknown said...

Thaumaturge & Apprentice I like those two . The frost giant looks cool.

Tom O said...

Nice stuff Robert. Still waiting on my pre-order...