Friday, September 23, 2016

Fallschirmjager Reinforcements for Bolt Action

Last weekend Tim and I decided to play one last game of Bolt Action first edition.  The 2nd edition books were just hitting the stores and everyone was excited for the new rules but it didn't seem right to not have one last go at a game we have enjoyed for 4 plus years.

In an effort to get over my recently commented on game funk I decided I needed to finish up a few lingering figures before the game.  These models has sadly been on my paint bench for many YEARS.  It has take some long to finish the mortar team has actually been used in multiple games with incomplete paint - shock!

It felt really good to finish these units up and the 80mm mortar and the 105mm recoilless rifle were put to excellent effect in our game.

I am in the process of painting some more items for Bolt Action so stay tuned.


Tom O said...

Looking good!

Phil said...

Nice, very nice looking reinforcements, well done!