Saturday, February 4, 2017

US Vehicles for TANKS

Last year I finally obtained a copy of the GF9 TANKS game.  My friend Mike demoed the game for me months earlier but the game was basically unavailable for many months after.  I have been gradually adding models to the three tanks that come in the core game.  Below are the Americans that I have painted and collected so far.  The models are all plastic Battlefront models that are the same sprues as their Flames of War models.

The starter set comes with two M4A3 Sherman tanks.  These kits can be built as either 75mm or 76mm gun turrets.  In fact, there are enough parts to build both turrets so you can switch back and fourth as needed for the game.

I purchased the M36 expansion and was pleasantly surprised to find that the kit will actually build either the M36 or the M10 and there are cards included for both vehicles.  Like the Sherman models there are enough parts to build both turrets allowing you to easily play either tank just by swapping the turrets.  I initially decided to just build the M36 turret as I already have several M10's in my collection but now that I am done I think I will go back ans build the M10 turret so I can keep all my TANKS models in one place to make getting in games easier.


Dean Vuckovich said...

Whats the scale for TANKS? 15, 20 or 28. I would assume if its 15, you would just use your FOW models.

Robert said...

It is a Battlefront game and comes with Battlefront plastic 15mm tanks. You can use your existing collection but you will need the cards from the expansions at some point. The basic rules have several cards for German. American, British and Soviet tanks. You could play the game with larger models. For 28mm you would need a 6x6 play surface and a movement stick about double in size.