Saturday, April 1, 2017

Germans for TANKS

I have been playing TANKS a lot this year and, of course, I must have painted models for the game.  In my early games I used some of my existing Flame of War tanks but I really want to have one box with models specifically for this game.  For the Germans I have purchased three expansion models so far - Panther, Tiger and Puma.  This is in addition to the Panther/Jagdpanther model included in the starter set.




Tiger I
The Panther is the only model I have purchased so far that had cards included in the starter set.  I wanted to know if you get new cards with and expansion that was covered in the starter set.  In this case there was only one new card.  If you already have Panthers/Jagdpanthers you might not want to buy this expansion.  The Tiger and Puma sets seemed to have all new cards and the vehicle cards are also new as they were not in the starter set.  I will likely pick up one of each expansion just to make sure I don't miss any cards.


Unknown said...

Nice stuff Rob

Dagreenskins said...

It is great to see you enjoying the game. I didn't think you were that impressed when I ran you through the game. I still feel it will be better played at 28mm.

Robert said...

Thanks Joe!

Robert said...

Mike, demos without the benefit of owning and reading the rules only have so much value. The fact that the starter sets were on back order for months did not help build any excitement. Once I got the rules and got in a few more games I really enjoyed it. It is a game that would translate to other scales easily. Just make a larger movement stick. You would still need to buy many of the expansions in 15mm to get the cards so I am not sure it is practical unless you just like buying stuff you are not going to use.

Dagreenskins said...

I am holding out for them to release just the cards. It seems that cards are the new hot thing in miniature gaming. I guess the success of X-wing has moved further in the miniature market, chasing cards to play games.

Robert said...

They will not release just the cards...never gonna happen. They make more $$ making you buy a tank to get the cards.