Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Rach Dictator - CAV

My friend, Tim, has taken a liking to the CAV Strike Operations game and has been working very hard to get me involved.  Part of his plan is the provide me with models and rules so I can't make excuses for not playing.  It just might be working.

This is my first CAV model - a Rach Dictator.  Rach is one of the factions and I really don't know anything about the faction or this CAV.  I painted it to enter into the painting competition on the CAV:SO Facebook group.  Needless to say I didn't win, but I didn't really expect too.

This model is made of the Reaper Bones material.  This means it is a soft plastic.  This is an interesting material for miniatures.  The softness makes this seem more like a game piece rather than a scale model.  The main advantage is these are very cheap.

The material is not too hard to work with.  The detail is not great and there were some mold lines.  A sharp knife is a must for removing the mold lines.  There is some talk about this material being finicky when painting.  Some people have reported issues with different types of spray paints or primers.  I avoided any of that by using brush on acrylic paint as a primer.

The bases provided with the models are 25mm hexes and are just too small to do the job.  I based this model on a 40mm hex also provided by Tim.

This model turned out to be more fun to paint up than I was expecting.  The material was easy to work with and it took paint just fine.  Warpage can be corrected, theoretically, with boiling water but I didn't have much luck with that.  These are easy to assemble and did I mention they are cheap?  I think this model retails for less than $8.  Seem like a very cost effective way to play some stompy robot games.

I will continue to build and paint my Rach force and I will hopefully have enough stuff to get in  a game soon.


Tim Kulinski said...

So it's working then? Awesome!

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