Saturday, June 16, 2018

Age of Sigmar

After three years of delay I finally bought an Age of Sigmar starter box.  Yes, I know that a new version and a new starter set drops in about two weeks.  That is why I bought this as they will soon be gone.  My friends and I have decided to play Age of Sigmar starting with the new edition.  I will be doing the Stormcast Eternals to start with and this set gives me a nice starting point.  Combine this with the Stormcast Eternals in the new box and I will not need to buy anymore.  The Chaos models will make for a nice core of another army.  Being on a 40% off clearance made this a no brainer.  Well yet another game to distract me and something else to get my money.  Games Workshop is really killing me.


Mike G. said...

The old starter is great just for the heroes alone.

Robert said...

I agree! The $75 was worth it just for the Stormcast models and the heroes especially. The Chaos stuff is just a great bonus. I am very happy with the purchase. This will make a great foundation for the Stormcast army and then the stuff from the new box will probably complete what I want to do for them. I REALLY want to do the Nighthaunt army.