Monday, April 15, 2019

A Kill Team Battle

Yesterday Tim and I got together for a game of Kill Team.  This was my 5th game since we decided to try the game out earlier this year.  This would be our first game using our own custom Kill Teams rather than the pre-generated teams from the starter set or the Rouge Trader set.  Tim used is Deathwatch kill team and I took my trusty Orks.

For this game we selected the Terror Tactics scenario.  The setting is a ruined sector frontieris settlement that has been taken over by an Ork Mekboy for his workshop.  The the goal of the battle is to do as much damage to the enemy as possible.  The first kill team to break is the looser. For this game we actually forgot to use any of the sector special rules.

Deployment is complete.  For the Scouting Phase the Orks select Take Forward Positions and and the Deathwatch selected Eliminate Sentries.  

Ork gunners move up to take better firing positions.

Deathwatch marines target the advancing Orks.  They score a single flesh wound on a Loota.

Orks advance on the DW who are taking cover behind the Mekboy workshop.

After a couple of turns of moving and shooting the Orks in the center have closed into melee with the DW.  Meanwhile the rest of the Orks are providing covering fire to keep the rest of the DW occupied.

The dense terrain made for some very close action.  A failed charge leaves and Ork in a bad spot.

DW Marines are dropping like flies.  The Grot has just killed a Space Marine with a close combat pistol shot and now looks to join another fight.

The DW sergeant has fallen and now this loan Space Marine is overwhelmed. He would stoically fight on as the rest of his team falls.

The loan surviver of the Deathwatch kill team manages to take out one more Ork and this results in the Ork force breaking.  The marine passes his break test and wins the battle.

At truly epic battle and a shocking win for the Deathwatch.  The marines took hit after hit and made save after save and took piles of flesh wounds before going down.  I really though that the Orks had this but time and again the failed to get that last wound.  This was the best game so far I think.

Tim and I are slowly getting the finer points of the game.  I still struggle with the command abilities.  What can I use and when is at the center of this.  I frequently forget to use these abilities at all.  Another aspect of the game that we have not yet used are the specialist traits.  This will open up new dimensions once we figure out how to use them.

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Tim Kulinski said...

That dirty little Grot getting that kill and stealing the kill from the Ork had to be the best part of the game!