Saturday, February 29, 2020

Flames of War Objective Markers

This is my last project for Finish it February 2020!  Here we have 4 objective markers for Flames of War or other 15mm games. 

3 Battlefront and 1 Baueda

The ammo dump.  The most generic of the objective markers.

Fortified command post.  This is a Battlefront model I believe.  This will be great for WWI or WWII Soviets.

It has some nice little details but I think it needs a figure.  If I do that, however, it will be a little less flexible.

This is a Baueda objective marker and it is my favorite of the bunch.

It has loads of little details.

This one will see table time for Normandy games.

The desert command post.  Another Battlefront model.  The guy in the shelter is British.

This will be the last desert objective marker.  I've got loads.

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Tom O said...

I like that Baueda one as well.