Monday, March 23, 2020

Soviet 45mm Anti-tank guns for Flames of War

The next Coronatine project is done.  Today we have a pair of Soviet 45mm anti-tank guns for my ever growing Flames of War mid-war Soviet army.  These will likely see table time with my Soviet infantry, one that gets painted.  I am not sure how useful these will be generally.  The AT8 is limiting but they should be useful in ambush as well as defensive fire against tank assaults.

The models are metal models from Battlefront.  One thing I find interesting about this gun is the chassis design is German and basically the same as the PaK-36 gun.  The Soviets did not like the 37mm German gun so they mounted their own 45mm gun.

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Tom O said...

Looking good! I agree that ambush and defensive fire when holding an objective are the best uses for them.