Friday, June 17, 2022

1812 Russian Narva Musketeer Regiment

For the first time since November 2020 I have finished a painting project.  I am VERY rusty but I am happy with how these turned out.  I am not totally sure why I chose these figure and my return to the painting hobby.  I really love the look of painted Napoleonic figures but I find painting them a chore.  I don't have any immediate plans to use these, it just seemed like the thing to do. 

This is the first battalion of the Narva musketeer regiment with the 1812 Kiver (Kiwa).  I am still struggling a bit with the colors on the uniforms.  It seems like the collars and cuffs changed to red in 1807 but the shoulder straps stayed the regimental color.  That means these are probably wrong but I can't find a reference for this regiment.  They are the Narva regiment simple because I had flags for them.

These are Warlord games plastic figures.  They are pretty nice and are not too bad to paint.

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