Monday, March 26, 2007

Daemonhunters Part 1

I realized this evening that I had failded to document a couple of figures that I have resently painted. I had entertained thought of playing in the Arizona Champions of Chaos tournament that was held in every hobby store in the state. In order to play the list I have created I needed to finish a couple of figures.

First up is the third Daemonhost for this army. GW only makes two different Daemonhosts but you are allowed three in the army. This means that you must get creative for the third one.

Can you hard-core GW gamers out there recognize this? This is not actually a figure but is instead a vehicle bit.

Because this is a bit and not a figure the back was never meant to be seen, so I had to add some more bits to finish it off.

Next up is the Sage. This is and old WHFB Empire figure that I have kept for just this purpose. Trouble is, I have never used the Sage so I never got around to painting it.

I had to put in a little detail on the drawing just looked strange blank!

The painting on these two firgure is really not up to my current standards and that was intentional. You see, my Daemonhunters army is a couple of years old and the painting style of that army is not the style I am doing today. This meant that I needed to copy my own, older style. This is not an easy thing to do. Here are some comparison shots so you can judge for yourself how well I did.

I think I matched the style of the Daemonhosts pretty well.

The Sage is OK. It is hard to tell from this picture but I think he is to pale. He will work, I just need to keep him in the back.

I will ad more pictures of this army soon.

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