Saturday, April 12, 2008

114th Pennsylvania Volunteers

Here is the first part of what will be a huge American Civil War project. Here we have my version of the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry or Collis' Zouaves. Here is a link to a nice unit history if you would like to know more about the real unit - I chose this unit becaus they are in my Osprey book ;-) and I also liked the look of the uniform.

First up is Colonel Charles Collis, founder of the 114th. I realy have no idea what Collis looks like and I am not sure what his uniform would have looked like. I painted this figure after looking over some re-enactor sites. There are a few liberties taken but I think he looks good and plausable.

Next is the color guard. I still need to add the regimental flag. Thanks to for the nice ACW flags.

This is a nice picture looking down the line. I have currently based these for some playtesting of a friend's ACW game. I will also use these guys to test some the various Warhammer varients out there. I will probably end up basing these guys on 40mm x 40mm bases for Johnny Reb III.

Here is the entire regiment so far. I have 21 figures painted. These are all Foundry and are very nice figures. I will be adding 20 more figures to this unit but the extras will all be Sash and Saber. I just cannot afford to buy any more Foundry!
This ACW project has the potential to get out of hand. I have had a collection of about 160 28mm figures for several years. I was originally planning on doing Johnny Reb III in 28mm but I just never got around to it. With some of the rules that are currently in development I might be getting into the period in a big way. In fact, I just bought nearly 300 Sash and Saber when they were having their 50% off sale. Add to that the recent release of the new Perry brother's plastic 28mm ACW I am in real trouble!

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