Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dumb Things Games Workshop Does Part 1

Update: It looks like these are still available in bulk from the GW on-line store - . Seems like a lot of trouble for something I used to be able to get at any game store.

Today I have a small complaint. It really is a trivial thing but taken with the history of how GW manages their business it becomes really frustrating. GW no longer sells their plastic bases in packages of the same size base. It use to be (last year) that you could buy a package of 24 20mm x 20mm bases for about $6. This was a useful thing because I have recently started to base my non-GW figures on GW bases. They are cheap and available and are of a consitant size. They really are the industry standard.

Now they sell bases in an assortment pack that contains several sizes. This might be fine for the GW gamer, I don't really know, but for me it is useless. Add to that the $8 price of this assortment GW has lost several sales from me.

It looks like GaleForce 9 will be getting my money.


SketchbookGaming said...

You have a valid point, it doesn't make much sense really... I don't know of any units in 40k that "require" mixed base sizes all in the same unit.

I'm sure it's some marketing wizardry somewhere but it kills the hobbyist sometimes when all you want to do is rebase a handful of guys and you can't even do that without spending a considerable amount of money to get the few bases you need and then you're left with a handful of bases in sizes that you don't need.

Benoit Lescarbeau said...

I recently had the same problem. I wanted to base some miniatures with the classic GW round base, after using spares for months to base odd minis.

Not only is this new pack not very useful unless you play warhammer fantasy, but sadly, local stores have nothing else to offer!

I've decided to swith to "lipped" bases, as soon as I order stuff from Dark Age Games (same bases than PP).

In the mean time, I ripped some bases off old Catachans.

MaksimSmelchak said...

Hi DS,

I have a bunch I don't need.

Contact me from the E-mail on my blog and we can arrange for them to leave my collection and enter yours.

I also agree about GW.


dvdhwk said...

Yeah, its pretty stupid. Consider GF9's econo bases, which can be cut to size.