Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Tale of (More than) Four Gamers

A few of my friends and I have decided to jump into Warhammer Fantasy Battles. This is a game that, for the most part, I have had no interest in playing. I have, however, always loved the look of the Beasts of Chaos army. I finally worked out a deal to get an army so I figured, if I have an army I might as well play the game.

Most of my friends have had a similar story when if comes to WHFB. Everyone has had some level of interest but has not been compelled to jump in. I have managed to convince several of them to start an army building challenge. The players and armies are:

Robert - Beasts of Chaos
Tim K - Tomb Kings
Mike G - Lizardman
Tom O - Empire
Joe - Dwarves
Joey - Goblins

The idea is simple, pick an army you like and each month paint a set amount of points and then play some games. As our painted collections grow so will the size of the games. The starting point value is 250pts...or maybe it is 300pts...I can't remember. Anyway, we will be starting small. Each player must have atleast 2 core units and a hero is optional.

My starting 250pts force is pictured above and consists of the following:
Hero with extra hand weapon and heavy armor.
Beast Herd 1 consists of 5 Gors with sheild and 5 Ungors with sheild.
Beast Herd 2 consists of 5 Gors with extra hand weapon and 5 Ungors.
Beast Herd 3 consists of 5 Gors with extra hand weapon and 5 Ungors with sheild.
This comes to about 243 points. I will probably add sheilds to the Ungors of Herd 2. If it turns out to be 300 pts then I will add a couple more Gors to each Herd.
All together I have 31 models to paint before the first deadline of June 1. This should not be too hard as long as I don't get distracted...


SketchbookGaming said...

Seems like the one smart way to get into a new game... enlist a handful of your closest friends and set reasonable deadlines and point values. Good luck with your starting block of troops.

Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Maybe your saving it for later, but Champions and Musicians would be very useful in these units. The Champion's 3 st 4 attacks are often more successfully than the rest of the herd. The musician is almost mandatory because beastmen do nothing better than run - first towards the enemy and then shortly there after, away from the enemy :)

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments.

I would love to add command to the Herds but the cost is an issue with such a low starting point value. I plan to add command and a chariot next month when we move up to the 500 point range.