Sunday, May 4, 2008


Here is the first figure for my "Tale of (More than) Four Gamers" challenge. This is the leader of my Beasts of Choas army.

This was a fun figure to paint, but there are a lot of fiddly details. Unfortunately, many of the details are not visible in the pictures. The light is just a little to bright.

Here are the colors used to paint this model. This will also be the theme for the entire army, I think. All colors are Vallejo.
Base - 70803 Brown Rose
Mid - 70804 Beige Red
Highlight - 70815 Basic Skintone
Base - 70824 German Camo Orange Ochre
Mid - 70819 Iraqi Sand
Highlight - 70917 Beige
Horns and Hooves
Base - 70867 Dark Bluegrey
Mid - 70836 London Grey
Highlight - 70870 Medium Sea Grey
One down! Only 30 more to go before June 1!


Anonymous said...

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SketchbookGaming said...

Looks good, I know the amount of work that can go into painting alot of little rivets but it definitely makes the difference.

30 more to this standard? You better get working.