Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Project - 1812 French

Ever since the release of the Perry and Victrix plastic Napoleonic kits I have been interested in starting a collection. After acquiring a copy of Warlord game's Black Powder I knew it was only a matter of time. I kept telling myself that once plastic Russians and Plastic Austrians were available I would jump in. Well, the Perrys, Warlord and Victrix are working on plastic kits for Russians and Austrians as well as Prussians. So I decided that before the armies I really want to do are released I would start my collection with the French. Basically, no French no Napoleonic wars so it had to be done.

Today I picked up two boxes of Victrix Napoleonic French Infantry 1807-1812. This is an amazing set of multi-part figures. Each box contains 60 figures and I paid $40 per box (I am sure I could get these cheaper but I was supporting my local shop). The kit allows for a wide range of poses as well as command figures. This set includes parts for Fusiliers, Voltiguers and Grenadiers.

There are two different sprues on the box and you get four of each sprue. There are over 100 different heads in the set which is pretty cool. I will have no trouble modeling very unique and interesting units.

The set also includes a very simple set of rules which I doubt I will read. On the rules booklet are eight regimental flags. These flags are very nice but they are printed on the back of the assembly instructions and I am not sure if the text will show through to the flags. I may make color copies of these.

The bad news is that I will not be working on these any time soon. Before I can start on these I need to finish Tom's FoW later Germans, I need to get started on my LoTR Dwarf Army (more on that later), and I need to paint some Poncho Villa Mexicans for some LoTOW games. Oh yeah, I need to paint up a few more units of ACW so I can actually play some Black Powder games. I will post of more as I get to this but for now I am just buying stuff.


Tenzing said...

These are awesome little models, and hard-plastic is always a bonus in historical.

Keeps us updated with how you're getting on :)

Oh- and French? Really? Bust out the Redcoats! ;)

Dagreenskins said...

Does this mean I need to pull out my British and get them painted. I really like the models and will dust mine off and consider painting them. I have some books you might be interested in about uniforms and colors.

Tim Kulinski said...

See I told you, there is a bunch of cool stuff in the box! Dude, I was really tempted to pick up a set of British yesterday, so thanks for talking down off the ledge, instead I went to Old GHlory and started making a list of the AWI stuf I want! Oh and ordered the Black Powder rules last night!

Tom O said... I have to figure out what to do...after getting some ACW done of course. Have you decided on a campaign/timeframe?

Robert said...

@Tenzing - thanks for the comments. The really look like they will be fun to do. As for the redcoats...well...can't think of anything I would want to do less. Russians - that is what i really want to do!

@Mike - I may hev to take a look at the books you have. i have very little for the period.

@Tim - glad you finally ordered the rules and I glad you did not waste your money on the brits. You need to stay focused on what you really want to do and nappies ain't it.

Robert said...

@Tom - no idea on campaigns but the French force will be 1807 to 1812 so there should be lots to do. The nice thing is I just change out the line units and can do 1804 to 1807.

Tom O said...

OK...that leaves me options. Something French/French allied and either Prussians or Austrians.

Though Tim looking into AWI is of interest as well considering I grew up an hour from Saratoga.

Vladislav said...

This just reminded me of my grenadiers.They are literally catching dust on a shelf. I will definitely paint them as soon as I get chance.
I got them when I was kid and I was playing with them so one or two are missing... :/ I owe them at least that much.

Of course I don't have box anymore and I can't remember who made them.I guess I'll have to find painting scheme on the internet.