Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Sash and Saber Union

I added a couple more pieces to my ACW Union collection. First up is my second brigade commander. This figure is from Sash and Saber, as are the artillery crews.

This gun was neat to do as the the crew is loading the gun. This takes a bit more space on the base.

As I was prepping the pictures I realized that I forgot to weather the gun. Oh well, it looks OK.

Both of these models are a little shiny. I ran out of Testors Dulcoat and just have a coat of Krylon Matte which is not flat. One I get a new can I will dull these down.


Tim Kulinski said...

Man they look good, how soon until we can get in a game?

Robert said...

I have one more Union regiment to paint and then I will have two full Union brigades. Then I get to start on the rebs. I think we are still a ways off from getting in a game.

Tom O said...

Nice stuff as always Robert. You need to get Joe to bring out his Confederates if you want to get in a game; mine are a way off too.