Friday, September 30, 2011

Fallschirmjager Additions

Time for a couple more units for my mid-war Fallschirmjager company. For this installment we have an FJ mortar platoon equipped with GW34. These are the full size mortars and not the Stummelwerfer. These guys are only usable for mid-war and maybe early war if we ever get a FJ list for early war.

Next we have the second combat platoon. This unit allows me to finally field a legal army. I have enough figures to build a third combat platoon and when it is done I will us my original combat platoon, which is Old Glory and Peter Pig figures, as a Pioneer platoon.

So all I have left to have my first 1500 point force ready is the LG40 platoon, which is only two guns, and my Pz IV F1 platoon of three tanks. I might be able to finish this army this weekend...

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Tom O said...

Looking good! You are on a roll!