Sunday, November 20, 2011

Flames of War Panzerkompanie

I have, more or less, finished up my Tunisia/Italy Panzerkompanie for Flames of War. This project started off as a few tanks to support my Fallschirmjagers. The Plastic Soldier Company Panzer IV kits are so I nice I have to keep buying them and building them.

First up is the Company Commander in PzIV G (the long barrel) and the 2ic in a PzIV F1.

Next we have the PzIV G platoon. This is a full platoon of five tanks. These guys are the long range anti-tank punch of the company.

The second platoon can be seen in a previous post. The second platoon are PzIV F1 with the short gun. These tanks are shorter range and lower AT than the G's but they have the ability to fire direct fire smoke as well as bombardments.

Finally we have the entire 1500 point company of 12 tanks. I have a few more tanks to build and paint so I will have a few other options. Once the PSC PzIII kit is out I will add a few of them for even more options. There are many more tanks to come.


Tom O said...

Very nice Robert. It's good to have options and you have quite a few for your N. Africa forces and from the sounds of it you will have even more when the PSC Pzkw III's come out. Keep up the good work!

Jance Nave said...

Nicely done, Rob.

Scottswargaming said...

Good looking company

Robert said...

Thanks for the feedback guys! I don't always reply but I do read them all.

Scottswargaming said...

Started doing a pack of these myself. Doing the H variant.
But I am a little stuck - the is a curved twin pipe section next to main officer on sprue, which is for the H variant but I cant figure out where it goes. Any ideas? Likewise a small, but longish rectangular piece thats next to the two single spare wheels. Wheres that one go??

Robert said...


I plan to build some of these as H's in the future. As to your questions, the rectangular piece is a tool box and should be mounted on the fender. Either side is OK. I probably would not use this piece on an H model. The other part is an air filter/air intake and should be mounted on the right side of the tank with the curved bits going towards the engine compartment. The larger part is mounted against the center of the hull. Do a google image search for PZ IVH and take a look at the pictures. You should be able to find some good references.

Scottswargaming said...

Thanks for the response. Yeah I, found an imagine on battlefronts website of their H's , thankfully they offer a shot from almost every angle and I spotted the airpipes...

Thanks again