Monday, February 13, 2012

Old School Stuff - Battle Honors 25mm Italian Alpini

It is time to dig out some of my older WW2 collection and get it documented. This is my Italian Alpini army. I acquired this army, just as you see it pictured below, several years ago from my friend Tom. He, in turn, purchased it just as you see it from a guy on eBay. The infantry are all 25mm/28mm Battle Honors. They are actually not bad figures and where sculpted by some of the same people sculpting other modern figure lines. They are a little small but I have had them on the table with modern 28mm stuff and they looked fine.

You must forgive the crappy photos. I had to switch back to my old camera and it doesn't do macro very well.

The two tanks are Semovente 75/18 from Army Group North and are the best part of the army. One of these models has a number 6 engraved into the bottom. I have always wondered if that means something. I have actually been trying to sell these figures for a few years with no takers. I planned to keep the semoventes to use with my Fallschirmjagers in Italy.

Above is the command team. You can see that the paint is not very good and it is showing its age. I had thought about stripping and repainting but that seem like a lot of work.

Anyway, these are back in the box. Who knows when they will see the table again.


ColKillgore said...

I think they are to a good table top finish. Compare to a bunch of players, yours are completely painted. I have one of the Semovente to go with my italian paratroopers.I even scratch built a pintle Breda machine gun to go on the semovente. I just need to get them painted.


Robert said...

Yeah they are playable as they are painted now. I find it hard to form an attachment to figures that I did not paint. They are game legal in my book.

futurismo said...

Hmn..I may be interested in buying these if they are still available-Please email me the details/price.

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