Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stuck in a Fallschirmjager Rut

I have come to the conclusion that I am stuck in a bit of a rut when it comes to my World War II projects. It seems that I am painting the same Fallschirmjager force, for the same period of the war, in 15mm and 28mm. I am not sure how that happened.

he good news is I have added a fourth manufacturer to the collection - Artizan. I only have the four figures with MP44 pictured below. Artizan makes very nice figures and I know lots of people who really love them but for me there is something a little off with them. I am not sure what it is.

Next is a batch of the old Foundry Fallschirmjagers by the Perry brothers. The are nice figures but are showing their age.

I have added a bunch more Black Tree Designs Fallschirmjagers to the collection. These are mostly pioneers. This is another line of figures that is nice but a little off. The faces are scary.

Finally we have some Crusader Miniatures Fallschirmjagers. These are probably my favorite FJ figures so far. I am really going to miss adding these to the collection. With the closure of Crusader USA there is very little chance that I will be adding many more of these to the collection.

In all I have added another 45 figures to this army. Not too bad. I still have about 25 figures left to paint so keep your eyes open for more.


Vladdd309 said...

In a good looking rut though! I'm in the same boat, 15mm and 28mm Fallschirmjager forces on the painting table.

The Artizan figures always look like they're hunched up and miserable, trudging somewhere slowly!

Jerry said...

It's all looking good! But I will say you do seem to love Fallchirmjagers.

Charles Feduke said...

I have a platoon of 15mm Fallandgosplatz that have been fully painted yet fully unbased for about 8 months now. Every Friday night at game time I think to myself "damn I wish I had a platoon of Fallshirmjager to fill in that ally spot in the force org." And every week I don't finish them.

Robert said...

Thanks guys! Yeah, I do love those FJ...not sure why