Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hail Caesar Anglo-Dane Leaders

I finally got around to repainting and re-basing my commander figures for my Saxon army.  These guys are a must for Hail Caesar as well as Clash of Empires.  The army general will also see table time as a warlord for SAGA.

It was pretty fun to work on these guys again.  I have not touched my Saxons for 7-8 years...way too long.  I do plan on getting this army ready for some Hail Caesar games.  I might have them ready sometime this summer.


Scottswargaming said...

Very nice work mate.

Jerry said...

Nice work, Rob. Saga is a lot of fun. I didn't bother rebasing my Vikings, but they've got a new life with Saga. I'll probably just buy all new models at some point.

Unknown said...

These are good. Nice work. Bet it feels great to finally get back round to these after 7-8 years.

Tom O said...

It's good to see those figures again Robert. You are more ambitous than I am as right now I do not intend to rebase my Vikings for any of the games you mentioned (then again, I hate basing). I do look forward to giving HC a try.

Robert said...

Thanks for the comments!

Tom, re-basing is not really necessary for any of the games I am planning to play. The army is just so tired and shabby looking it is time for an update. I am going to add a bunch more figures as well and these will all be in the new basing.

Jerry, I am planning to buy new models or paint up some of my extras for SAGA. The new plastic stuff will make this easy to do.