Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mustering the Fyrd

The other night I decided to pull out my Gripping Beast extras box and take an inventory.  My new plans to convert my WAB Saxon army to a Hail Caesar army made me realize that I just don't have enough figures painted for HC.  In particular I am short Coerls.  I need LOTS of Coerls!  The new Gripping Beast Warriors of the Dark Age plastic figures are really calling my name but before I went out and spent a bunch of money I need to know what I already have.

Turns out this was a prudent idea.  I pulled 88 figures out to use as Coerls.  These figures are mostly GB Saxon figures with a few of their Ancient Germans mixed in.  Basically, a bunch of dudes with big round shields and no armor.  This collection will allow me to run either two 40 figure, 4 rank, units or, by swapping out a stand for an extra command, I can run 4 20 figure, 2 rank, units.  This is an entire division for HC!

Even with this I still have plans to purchase some of the GB plastics.  That stuff is just too damn cool not to add to the collection.  Stay tuned for more on the project.

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Vladdd309 said...

That's a lot of figs to have lying around in the "extras box!" The new GB plastics do look good though.