Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Black Powder ACW 5/26/13 Part 2

In part 1 I talked about the table for our big game.  Now it is time to discuss the forces. The game plan was for 7 players, each commanding a brigade.  It seemed only fitting that the Union get the extra brigade.  My friend Tom O and I supplied all the figures for the game.

Since this was really a training game and not a serious game we kept thing simple.  The stats for both sides were just the basic stats from the BP rules.  Commanders were all rated as 8.  Tom O has done some nice work converting some random unit composition/quality charts from Johnny Reb III for use with BP and I am working on a random commander quality chart for Confederates and one for Union.  For this game we skipped all that but we will be using these things for our next game.

We did not use any of the special unit rules for this game.  We limited the formations to March Column or Line only.  For future games we will probably allow one unit per brigade to skirmish.

Each Union brigade was as follows:

Dave's Brigade

4 Regiments of 28 figures (standard size)
1 Rifled Cannon
1 Commander

Tom O's Brigade

4 Regiments of 28 figures
1 12lb Napoleon
1 Commander

Tom F's Brigade

1 Regiment of 40 figures (large size)
1 Regiment of 28 figures
1 Regiment of 24 figures
1 12lb Napoleon
1 Commander

Al's Brigade

3 Regiments of 24 figures
1 Regiment of 20 figures (standard size)
1 12lb  Napoleon
1 Commander

Each Confederate brigade was as follows:

Mike's Brigade

4 Regiments of 28 figures
1 12lb Napoleon
1 Commander

Tim's Brigade

4 Regiments of 28 figures
1 12lb Napoleon
1 Commander

Robert's Brigade (me)

2 Regiments of 24 figures
2 Regiments of 20 figures
1 12lb Napoleon
1 Commander

Each side also had a division commander that could be move about as needed.  In all there were nearly 800 figures on the table which was really impressive!

My two Union brigades

My Confederate brigade and casualty markers...pay no attention to the plane.

Tom's impressive Union collection.

His equally impressive Confederate collection.

Tom's guns and officers.  I love the division commanders with the flags.
The figures used in the battle came from several different companies.  I believe that Tom's collection is all Sash and Saber.  My collection is more varied.  I have figures from Perry, Foundry, Sash and Saber, and Old Glory.

It is just amazing to me how much stuff Tom and I were able to put on the table.  We have both been working on our ACW collections for about three years and have put in lots of effort to make this happen.  We actually have a couple of other local gamer that have sizable ACW collections and we could easily put on a game of 2 division per side.

Next up part 3 The Battle!

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AHunt said...

I can't wait to see the next installment. Great looking table and great looking armies.