Friday, May 3, 2013

Wargames Factory Saxon Thegns

I picked up a box a Wargames Factory plastic Saxon Thegn models a while back from a friend.  As has been known to happen they went straight into a future project pile and nothing happened with them.  Then I got bored and decided I should build them.

The box included 4 different bodies along with several different heads, shields and weapons.  I was not real happy with the thin spears that are included.  They seem more like javelins so I used some old Gripping Beast spears.  I also mixed in a few spare GB shields to add a little more variety.

I think this set is really a great value.  You get 32 figures for about $20.  They may not be the best figures but they are worth the money and I think they will look very nice once I get around to painting them.  This is a cheap way to get a big army together for Hail Caesar!


Tim Kulinski said...


They will be perfect to fill out the ranks for HC. The one thing that does jump out is that the necks look too long. Keep them in the middle or back ranks and they will look fine. How is the other box that you picked up last week?

Robert said...

Yeah the necks are a little long. I though about trying to trim them down but it just seemed like too much trouble. The guys will be used as their own unit but probably only for larger battles.

The Fyrd are very similar to the Thegns. In fact the accessory sprue is the same for both sets. I plan to do them as archers and javelins.