Saturday, August 31, 2013

Can It Be? More Fallschirmjagers!

I just finished up another 23 28mm Fallschirmjagers.  This is in addition 12 I did a couple of months ago (and failed to photograph and post).  This brings the collection to more than 100 of these guys!

These figures are a mix of Foundry, Black Tree and Crusader.  This addition brings me to 6 full squads and a couple of dozen extras.  I have lots of support options done now but I still have a few team left to paint.  I still need to add a PaK40 and maybe a Nebelwefer.  I also want to add some motorcycles and a kettenkrad.


John Lambshead said...

100, wow, that is impressive. Crete is definitely on.

Robert said...

Thanks John! Crete has actually been a goal for a long time. I recently acquired some Perry plastic British 8th army so will be doing them as Aussies and New Zealand troops. It will happen!

Allan and Carmen said...

Kudos to you mate. Despite the different manufacturers you have made them all work in well together with your fantastic brushwork!