Monday, August 26, 2013

Plastic Soldier Company Panther

For my Kursk German army I am going with the Panther Company.  Since I am, no, no...sensible, I am going with the Plastic Soldier Company Panthers.  I really love the PSC models and I recommend them highly.  This set allows you to build any of the three versions of this tank - ausf D, A or G.

Like all of these kits the Panther kit is really well designed.  It is amazing to me how you can get such a nice model from so few parts.  As nice as this kit is it is not perfect.

The trouble is with the instructions.  This kit suffers from the common confusion with the Panther version numbers.  Unlike other German tanks the Panther did not start with the A model.  The A was actually the second model and the D was the first.  This means that the instructions start with the A but it is actually the D and the D is the A.  To make things worse, the version that should be the A is really the early A that was built for about a month.  To build the most common version of the A you will need to do some converting.  The G version in the instructions is the later version that was available in 1945 so to build the more common G you need to do some converting.

The key to making this kit work is to do some research and take the instruction with a grain of salt. 

I have 10 of these built so now I need to order some decals and get to painting.  Stay tuned for more.


Scottswargaming said...

Must admit I customised mine some what when I made them using, the BF Ausf A model as a reference...

Robert said...

It is a really nice kit and I am glad I bought them but they do take a little work. When I get to doing A's and early G's I will likely go with BF for the zimmerit. BF might have the Panther plastics out in time for that project.