Saturday, May 10, 2014

Flames of War Fallschirmjager Reinforcements

 I just finished up a few odds and ends for my FoW Fallschirmjagers.  I have had these in process for more than a year but I just could not get them done.  I recently has the FJ back on the table and my love for this army was rekindled.

First up are a few extra command stands.  These will be used in various army configs where I need a command team for a small unit.

Next are three sniper teams.  I have never used snipers and I have never faced them but I am really intrigued by them.  I can;t wait to try them out as I know my regular opponents have very little experience as well.

This is the first of two character teams I painted up.  This one will be used as Major Von Der Heydte and also as an Infantry Ace if we ever do an aces campaign.

Finally we have another character team.  This one is Oberstleutnant Walter Koch.  The only time I have ever used a special character warrior team in Flames of War was at this year's Shifting Sands event.  My lack of experience meant that I did not get the full potential from the character.  I am looking forward to trying out both of these characters to see how they really work in the game.

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Paul W said...

Those are some fantastic looking figures, very nice paint work. Snipers can be very effective in the right circumstances. I've found a key thing when using snipers is deploying them where your opponent needs a couple of turns to get to them. This means they either divert enemy resources (and you can possibly withdraw and redeploy them) or they can sit tight and cause havoc. Being able to pin with a single shot is very useful, as is the 4+ firepower. Cheers, Paul :-)