Saturday, December 27, 2014

Norman Commanders for SAGA and Hail Caesar

In the last couple of weeks I have finally been able to get in some games of SAGA.  This required me to dig out my old WAB armies to press some figures into service.  SAGA does not use too many figures but you really need a prominent Warlord figure as the army commander.  Since I am also planning to use my WAB Normans for Hail Caesar I figured I would make a couple of commanders.  One will be my HC army commander and the other will be a HC division commander or a SAGA Warlord.

The commanders

Norman Dux with vicompte standard bearer.

Norman Comes

 These figures are Gripping Beast and were painted nearly 15 years ago.  All I did for this project was to rebase the models onto larger round bases to make them stand out from the rest of the troops.  Eventually I will rebase the rest of my Normans for easier use with HC.  I might even add some more models to the collection.


Dagreenskins said...

Very nice Rob. I picked up some Gripping Beast from Tom and will be adding them to my collection. It is a great game can't wait to play it some more.

Unknown said...

You know what is nicer? The Pagan Russ and polk. I had a great time with the two games we played .

Rog said...

Very nicely painted figures!