Monday, December 29, 2014

Viking Berzerker/Ulfhednar

My Viking figure collection has some holes in it and to really have a good Viking force for SAGA you must have some berzerkers.  I had five of these Gripping Beast Ulfhednar figures in the dead lead pile so I painted up four. 

These are pretty handy in a SAGA Viking army but they are basically a trade off unit.  Don't let them get shot as the armor 3 makes them very vulnerable.  I have used them in a few games and they are fun.


Unknown said...

Great figures and paint job. I love the pot belly on the first one.

Unknown said...

An arrow in the junk would indeed smart.

Tom O said...

Nice figures as always Robert. I have 4 for my Vikings, and they are pretty much a one shot unit due to the low defense.

matthewjksullivan said...

I just painted these same miniatures myself a few months ago. I love Gripping Beast for making them anatomically correct - it gives them a real gritty Viking feel.
Great paint job.