Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fate of a Nation Plans - Israel

With the release of the new, full size, Fate of a Nation book it is time to get serious about my plans for this period.  I really think the 1967 War is a great setting for Flames of War and makes much more sense than Vietnam.  When the Wargames Illustrated min-book came out last year I was excited but I wanted to wait and see what Battlefront's level of support was going to be before I jumped in.  With the new book it look like this might have some legs so it is time to make a plan.

My favorite tanks for this conflict are all the cool Sherman variants so it is only natural that I start with an Israeli force.  I like to plan a new FoW project around 1500 points.  This is the most common game size I play and it allows me to build a solid core army that is easy to expand later.

P'lugah Tan'kim

2 M51 Isherman      240pts

Combat Platoons
2 M51 Isherman      240pts

4 M50 'French' Sherman    390ps

2 Centurion        350pts

Support Platoons
4 Patrol Jeep       80pts

2 Anti-tank Jeeps      100pts

2 M3 TCM-20           100pts

Total points - 1500

I really like this as starting force.  There are lots of cool franken-shermans and a couple of heavy hitter tanks.  It has recce as well as light AT to support it.  It also has AA.  I think this will be a really fun army to play.  I was a little surprised that this army will only cost about $210 at full retail so I should be able to put is together for less than $200 with some bargain shopping.  Now I just need to collect the models before BF lets them go out of production....


Frederick Paul Kiesche III said...

Hopefully BF won't let them go out of production! I picked up Fate as well and want to start doing something, but may actually go 1:285 scale since (thanks to years of having GDW's Command Decision game) I've got a lot of 1:285 scale vehicles and buildings.

I look forward to seeing your minis as they get painted up!

Tom O said...

I've started prepping my Jordanian force for Fate of a Nation, so you'll have at least one opponent to face off against.