Friday, February 20, 2015

Panther Comparison

I recently assembled a few Battlefront Panther A models and I thought you might find a little comparison post interesting.  Below are some pictures of the BF Panther compared to the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) Panther.  The PSC model is built as the ausf D for my Kursk army.

As you can see they are very similarly proportioned with the BF model being ever so slightly larger.  I would thing that the to brands would work well on the same table in the same army.

I plan to use the BF ausf A for a 1944 Panther force.  To me the rougher look of the BF model with the zimmerit is perfect for Normandy armies or 1944 Eastern front armies. On the other hand, the crisp clean lines and the fine detail of the PSC Panther makes it perfect for the Kursk era Panthers as these were straight off the assembly line tanks and should really look new.

I really do prefer the PCS tanks.  It is really tough to justify the more than double the price for BF.  If I ever do a late Panther G force I will not hesitate to use the PSC kit.

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